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Store Update (9/27/2013):
International shipping rates have been adjusted. It now defaults to $15 for most countries. If your order is small, you still have the option of shoosing "Payment by Money Order" so your shipping can be manually adjusted. To make sure you are not missed, please use the contact form to give us a heads up that you have chosen this option.

I am also very happy to announce that we are now working with Retro Dolls UK to provide our parts through their website across the pond. They will have a smaller selection of our products at this time, but if shipping is cheaper for you to order from the UK, I highly recommend you order through them. They will also be keeping the parts in stock, so turnaround time should be pretty quick.

If you have any questions, please contact me through the Contact Us below. If you need something by a certain date, please message me before placing your order. Thank you for your continuing support! I love you all!

Welcome to Plastic Curves!

Here you will find hand cast products designed to help artists create their own custom creations. Currently, you will find parts suitable for use with 1:18 scale figures (GI Joe, Marvel Universe, Star Wars, etc.) and Monster High Dolls. Thank you to the overwhelming support we've received from the Monster High community. You can find out own MH Fourm in the menu above.

We specialize in female toy parts.

Most of what you will find here will be female. We like ladies, so that's what we do. :D
You will also find gender-neutral accessories.
There are very few male themed items, but we are open to consider commissions. If in doubt, please ask!
We also have a section for official toys, both new and used for collectors and customizers alike.

Please feel free to look around. We appreciate comments, so drop us a line any time.