Custom Color Capabilities

Most of our items default to a "random" color option. Some items will also feature additional basic color options.  


Some items have different levels of translucency:

Solid: Light does not pass through them. The Steamgirl's goggles are an example of a solid cast. Most items on this site are solid. Assume it's likely solid unless the description says otherwise.
Translucent: Light passes through. You may see through them but not clearly. Sunglasses are a good example of a translucent cast.
Clear: Translucent but with no color added to the resin. This is not necessarily water clear, and it can vary in the batches.

Random Color

Random means you do not get to pick. We will not tell you what colors are in our random section. In some cases, the item may be made of multiple colors. This also means that items that come in multiple parts may have mismatched colors. Items listed under this option will likely be from another order's run. For example, if someone special orders something in red, it possible the robot head you ordered might be in red. This is the least expensive color choice.


The solid color resin is naturally a milky white. However, it is NOT consistent. Sometimes it looks like whole milk and sometimes it's more like skim.


Some items on the site will be listed as "prepainted". These will have been handpainted using quality acrylics. This is rare. We do not offer a paint service.

Custom Solid/Translucent Color

Custom color options are available, but at a higher cost. You must contact us before placing your order. We do not do color matching, so any custom colors will be generic. i.e. you could request "pink" but cannot request a particular pink. You must be prepared to paint the item even if you choose a color to match your custom. Please note that while we do our best to satisfy the request, there is simply no way to guarantee the color will be an exact match. However, this helps give you a base to work with.

Custom Paint Service

This isn't currently available. Sometimes we will list items that are already painted, but this is rare.

Unique Finishes

At this time we do not offer fluorescent, pearlescent, metallic or glow-in-the-dark.


All runs are done in small batches. This means that every tiny nuance of dye can have a visible effect on the final piece. One batch of gray may not match another batch of gray. We will be unable to guarantee that a part you order today will match a part you ordered previously. Please note that even if you order multiple parts in the same color in the same order, they may not be the same exact shade.

Items with Multiple Parts

Some items have more than one part to them. Heads with horns are a prime example. When you specify the color, it will apply to the main part only. This means if you choose brown, the head will be brown, but the horns may or may not be brown.

Why Choose A Color At All?

It is unnecessary to prime resin parts. Sometimes you just want a base color to help with color coverage or to show through a translucent paint. Most of our customers will simply paint the part regardless of the color it arrives. Others need a color because paint rub (like on weapon handles) would be ugly. Ordering a black part for a custom that is mostly black might be the way to go, or you can save a buck or two by painting it black when you get it. It really just depends on what your expectations are for your custom.