About Us

Plastic Curves was born from our love of toys. More specifically it is our love for customizing female action figures and dolls. We have been involved in the customizing of such lines as Transformers, GI Joe, Masters of the Universe, Barbie and Jem among others. We carry parts and supplies that help artists create their one-of-a-kind (OOAK) customs.

We first opened up our business in 2012. We started off featuring items for the 1:18 scale. We then migrated to mostly covering Monster High. unfortunately, Mattel had recently abandoned the customizing aspect of that line, so we started producing more 1:18 items and Transformers items as well. Then some friends introduced me to Masters of the Universe Classics, and things have taken off from there.

We always appreciate hearing from fellow customizers, artists and fans so don't be afraid to contact us here or on Facebook. We apprciate parts ideas. We can't guarantee we will make anything suggested, but ideas and requests do help guide us.

Thank you!